I just realised that most of what I’ve been reading over the last couple of months have been re-reads…

Back in middle/late November I re-read Stephen King’s UNDER THE DOME. I first read it a couple of years ago and didn’t really like it that much. But that was an unwieldy hardback, and for the re-read I bought a more comfortable second-hand paperback. And enjoyed it.

Then, on a bit of a Stephen King buzz (I had been struggling to find something I WANTED to read, prior to UTD), I picked up my old copy of IT, which saw me through the early/middle part of December.

Being the OCD freak I am, next I picked up my copy of the expanded edition of THE STAND and was re-reading that in the two weeks before Christmas.

Then I was kindly given a copy of Neil Young’s WAGING HEAVY PEACE, so put aside TS and read Neil’s sometime between Christmas and New Year. For Christmas I was also given the DVD of EXTREMELY LOUD & INCREDIBLY CLOSE, so upon finishing WHP I re-picked up my copy of Foer’s novel.

Since then I have re-read copies of Michael Connelly’s THE POET, AM Holmes’ THIS BOOK WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE, Douglas Coupland’s GENERATION A and Catherine Ryan Hyde’s PAY IT FORWARD.

I have also read for the first time Juan Arias’ interview with Paulo Coelho CONFESSIONS OF A PILGRIM and have just begun Jon Ronsom’s THEM.

Then I think I will re-pick up THE STAND where I left off and finish the last 700 pages.

Yeah, this hasn’t really been a “post”, has it? But I was surprised by how much RE-reading I had been doing, and it felt like as good a topic as anything.

Oh, and regarding that untouched word count over there… there may only be a few, but I WILL have begun before the end of the weekend. Even I can only procrastinate so long…


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