and so it goes

I found a little more time than anticipated to dance with my words today, and it was fun. Even as I was writing, though, I kept feeling/finding things that I know will require re-writing. However, rather than slow myself down now I simply made a quick note and typed on. And it was good.

Was also more fun than I expected watching the Superbowl last night, not least cos I watched alone for the first time since 2000. I used to follow the NFL much more than I do these days, and was a BEARS fan. Still am, I guess. Oh, and I’m a fan of defence over offence. So it was fun to see the Seahawks defence shut down the best offence for years (apparently). And a double bonus that said offence was led by Peyton Manning, he who quarterbacked the Colts to a superbowl win over said Bears seven years back.

Yeah, a little petty, but so be it. 😉


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