wasted time

I don’t remember my dreams from last night, but I’m guessing they were kinda funky…

I only say that cos I woke today COMPLETELY CONVINCED that the novel I’m writing is utter crap. This feeling has stayed with me all day, and it’s dragged me down a little, I don’t mind admitting.

Reminded me of my best friend telling me a few years ago now that all I was doing with my writing was wasting time. Nothing was ever going to come of it, and all I was doing was stopping myself from doing anything more interesting, worthy or worthwhile.

Now, while I must admit that my “success level” hasn’t exactly reached the stars between then and now, most days I still believe. But I seriously struggled today.

That said, I still managed to find today’s quota. So there’s that.

I’ve also been wondering… if you’re trying to write something, in your non-writing moments of each day when you get a chance to read, do you:

(a) read something wonderful and be inspired

(b) read something wonderful and be scared to try yourself

(c) read something awful and think you can do better

(d) read something awful and think how bad your stuff must be if THIS can be published but you can’t


Some days (ok, MOST days) I think I browse through all these options. 😉


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