best friend EVER

I won’t name names, because I’m rarely sure how much people in my “real” world want to be named (or shamed) here… so I will call her NJ. She will know why. 😉


I’ve been blessed with some wonderful friends in this life, although all of them so far have had a relatively short shelf life. At least in close proximity to me. I had three decent friends at school, two in my first job, maybe three in the nineties, and 2+2 in the first half of the naughties, including a woman I called my “sister”. But even we had a falling out, and haven’t seen each other in over six years.

However, while I have called all of them friend in their day, and often one or the other BEST friend, I think my true best friend, the one who has touched my heart and held my spiritual hand the strongest over the last nine years is a lovely lady who I haven’t even met. Not that it really matters.

Yes, she’s an E-friend. A web-friend. Whatever you want to call her. But she’s SO much more besides. If we were neighbours other neighbours might talk, because we would share so much and care so deeply. As it is, we are 5000 miles apart, and have been throughout these nine years.

That said, EVERY day she is in my thoughts. And every day I say a little prayer that she and her nearby family (because I do class myself family) are happy and healthy and well. Recently, she has been stressed about re-sitting exams, has an awful boss to contend with and two sick children, yet STILL found the warmth in her heart to sent cards of kindness to my loved ones here regarding our recent family loss, and just to connect.

Oh, how we cried and smiled as we opened our mail and read her comments.

So, THANK YOU SO MUCH, NJ. And not just for this/these, but for being who you are, and for touching my life in such wonderful ways. Long may it continue, and hopefully one day we’ll meet and I can hug the everloving nuttiness out of you.



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