hard or soft

Which do you prefer?

With the books you read, I mean. Of course.

I almost never read hardbacks. And it’s not ONLY because I’m cheap, because often the second hand hardback is cheaper than the second hand paperback. And I almost always read second hand copies. Unless given by a friend. But if I buy myself…

When I recently wanted to re-read Stephen King’s UNDER THE DOME it was a hardback I originally bought in error and previously struggled through, and simply couldn’t face the “task” of wielding such an unruly tome around. So I did what any “sane” person would do… and re-ordered a duplicate in paperback.

I mention this today because I just received the copy of Peter Hamilton’s GREAT NORTH ROAD. Now, I’ve never read anything by him before, but he was recommended to me as an interesting English writer of LONG novels, so I thought I’d give one ago. 1100 pages. Lovely.


It’s another HARDBACK.

And now I’ve lost interest. No doubt I’ll get around to it eventually, but while ANY hardback is more unwieldy than its paperback equivalent, when you’re talking about 1100 pages it’s doubly (or trebley, comparing some novels) difficult.

Which is a shame, cos I was looking forward to it. That said, at the moment I’m reading a Danielle Steel novel from the 70s called NOW & FOREVER (I do like to mix things up a bit), and after that will probably be an Alexander McCall Smith novel. But the one after that was likely to be the Hamilton. Maybe I’ll have talked myself into it by then…

I just picked it up again and pretended to start reading. I can’t see it happening. Odd but true.


No more news re my novel, really. I haven’t written anything NEW in TWO days now, although today I did edit/re-write that short story, and now know exactly how that fits into the rest. So that’s good. Tomorrow is another busy away day, though, so I might struggle for words there, too, so I could end up being away from new words for FOUR days. Is this the kiss of death?  I hope not…


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