I’ve not come here with anything specific in mind to say, so this could just ramble on for a couple of minutes and then end quite abruptly. Be warned! 😉

My back is a little better, although there are other issues, but I won’t bore you with those. The most important thing is that I found some more words today, and am happy enough with them as a first draft. I have updated the scrolling word count bar thingy, but not only with the new running total, but also a new expected final total, simply because where I am in the story now added to all the things I think will happen between now and the finale looks like amounting to a larger figure. So there’s that. Of course, I’ve no real idea about all these in between things, although I am feeling certain paths opening up each time I write. And that’s nice.

I also found a new band/group/musician to listen to while I write. Back in my youth I used to write listening to anything, simply to keep me focused on my words and distracted from the reality around me. One novel I recall writing between midnight and 3am each night after my shift at the video store ended and I’d consumed a bottle of wine. Yes, shamefully, every night (although this is nowhere near as bad as later years). Then I would put on my headphones and crank up the Neil Young while I wrote about a strange hippy who was lost in himself. Weird, that. And yes, I love Neil Young, so I’m not mocking the big man.

But back to the music…

However, over the last dozen years or so I find I can focus more on my words if there is enough music to distract me from reality, but not so much as to pull me back away from my fiction, and most things with lyrics will now do that. So, of “late”, I’ve mostly written while listening to chillout music. Or a “soft” sort of trance (I don’t know the exact, perfectly correct term for the music). And Cabeiri is a perfect example of that. But today, while googling that group, I found a new one, to me at least, being SOLAR FIELDS. And he’s way up on my writing listening list now, having already enjoyed RANDOM FRIDAY, EARTH SHINE and UNTIL WE MEET THE SKY.

Anyhoo. I think that might be about that. I did say it might end abruptly, and I had five seconds there where no new thought immediately leaped out at me, so I think this will do. Chances are there’s already enough babble for most.


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