I don’t know what’s happening to mine. I used to have the best memory, at least for trivia regarding films and music, books and some sport. But since I stopped drinking and gained a bucket load of weight and developed some physical irritations I seem to have forgotten most things.

I was asked recently if I’d seen a specific musical, and couldn’t answer the question. Even when I asked the person I would have gone with during that time and they said yes and detailed a few things I was still VERY sketchy.

I was asked if I saw a particular band in concert, and while I know it was a long time ago, and I know I have a ticket stub in a box somewhere, suggesting I at least PAID to go and see them, I have no direct memory of the event.

Of course, when it comes to re-reading books or re-watching movies it’s a godsend because I can approach the book or film with the comforting knowledge that I like it, and will enjoy it, but without any of the awful spoilers.

Is this connected to the physical changes? Am I simply older than my years? Or back when I was drunk all the time did I just THINK I remembered everything, and others humoured me to keep me quiet or get rid of me?



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