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This was originally –and I say “originally”, but we’re only talking 10 mins ago πŸ˜‰ — a reply to a post on the blog of Daily(w)rite

But, being in lazymode, I figured it could become today’s post. Many thanks to DW. πŸ™‚


I’ve blogged before about not blogging, odd though it sounds. But it can feel like too much. even within just a writing focus I doubt I could keep up with all the social media sites everyone is supposed to embrace these days.

I used to be more active online, flitting between a couple of my blogs, a LOT of other blogs, a pbm board and social media sites like facebook, and I felt like I HAD to SEE EVERYTHING, and COMMENT on EVERYTHING. and yet my opinion was never THAT wonderful it couldn’t be ignored. πŸ˜‰

But it reached the point where it did feel like too much, so I pulled back, closed a blog or two, deleted my facebook (and short-lived twitter) account, and would sometimes go a whole day without flitting about online. And it’s amazing how I twisted between MISSING IT to NOT REALLY BOTHERED to WHY DID I COME HERE when I would check back.

I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the connections, and I do miss some of them, because I had what I would consider to be maybe six strong “friends” on here, only one of which I’m now still in regular contact with. But the others are still there, and if I email them I receive a reply.

But I don’t need to know everything about everything. and now the internet is mostly used to check email, to still use that pbm board and a blog, but other than that pretty much just to answer inane questions that pop up in my life, like “who was that actor in that film? and what film was it he starred in with what’s her face?” or to learn more about new directors, writers and singer-songwriters/bands in a way you really can’t without.

Some days the internet is down and unavailable, and initially they feel like awful moments, but they always allow another activity which usually ends up feeling like more fun.

I have a pc I use for most things. but also have a notebook I use ONLY for writing. Or, if the pc crashes/is bugging, I use the notebook to find a solution. But 94.78% of the time if I turn the notebook on it’s because I’m going to write something, and it’s like it switches my mind into a different place. If the pc is on and I try to write I can distract myself something silly. But if the notebook is on I know I SHOULD be writing, so tend to “behave”.


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