Well, I think I’m around halfway through the first draft for the current novel. At least the word count over there suggests it, but it’s rarely easy to gauge a true feeling as I’m in the middle of it. I’ve had short stories expand into novellas before, but rarely has something I thought was going to twist and turn for a while fallen short or dried up. I’ve been very lucky in that regard.

Of course, this novel is helped by the very chatty style of the narrator, because once I re-feel him each day I can easily become lost in the words. 

Today, I only really had the last 90-120 minutes to write, and so made good use of them, not dilly-dallying like I know I can, but finding the scene and the focus early and running with it, with them (there being two scenes today), leaving me turning off the notebook with a smile in my eyes, and I reckon there’s no better feeling than that when walking away from the words for the day. Plus, I know exactly where I’m going to pick up again tomorrow, so…




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