danielle steel vs stephen king

First off, I just want to say… I’m a fan.

But sometimes her books leave me feeling a little like Stephen King’s CELL left me feeling… that there was SO MUCH MORE STORY there that we could have enjoyed, if only he had taken the time and developed things. That was a slim book for him, partly because the character focus was too narrow. In my humble opinion.

And sometimes Danielle Steel is the same. I tend to enjoy the longer, more involving stories, but the latest I read was one of her shortest yet, being GRANNY DAN. I recently read NOW & FOREVER, and think I mentioned it here. That was a longer tale that twisted and turned and you saw more of the characters, even secondary characters.

GRANNY DAN could have been like that, beginning with a preface of a modern woman reminiscing about her grandmother. Then we have 250 TEENY pages with MASSIVE text of a flashback to granny in Russia, whereas we could have had more detail over more years including her move to the States AND linked her past somehow to the descendant’s life now.

Ahh, well. Hopefully the next longer one will be better. It was still a good story, and I enjoyed it, but I just felt a little let down that there wasn’t more of it. I guess that’s better than thinking there was too much?

I’m now reading another Alexander McCall Smith. 🙂


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