fun fat friday #1

Ok, down to serious business.

I’m a big old fatty and I need to lose weight.

I’ve been slowly but surely gaining weight since I paused* drinking on 01-01-08, but recently scarily found myself unable to check my weight on my usual scales as I had literally gone off the charts. The machine huffed out a sigh and wailed. Ok, maybe not. Quite.

But yesterday I found an older set of scales that I was just able to register my weight upon, and so now I have a number again I have something to work from. And, as numbers go, it’s a kinda cool number, as it sort of suggests that things should begin about now… that number is…


Yep, 321 lbs. Scarymarymungus.

The plan is to weigh myself every FUN FAT FRIDAY and report back here. This first week I would like to NOT GAIN. After that I would like to lose 2 lbs every week, if I can, as that would mean come my mum’s birthday in late November I would be back down around the figure I was the morning of 01-01-08 when I paused.

And then I can take it further from there. So, for example, if I continued at the same rate, come my 46th birthday I would be down to around 209 lbs, which would be the lightest I’ve been for about 20 yrs, which will be good enough for me.

So that’s the plan. And I figured by announcing it here it should keep me honest as a gazillion** people check back every FUN FAT FRIDAY to view my progress. Either that or I quit this site in shame with my fat tail between my fat legs… 😉





* I don’t like to say “stopped” cos you just never know, but I’m hopeful.

** Not actually expecting anywhere NEAR this figure. 😉


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