wrong decade, people

Ok, so I’ve realised what is wrong with my novel. Well, what is wrong with it that stopped me writing… I’m certainly not suggesting there’s NOTHING ELSE wrong with it. 😉

But that THING is quite a biggy…

It looks like two of my main three characters are in the wrong decade. Yeah, okay, you probably guessed from this post’s title, right? 😉

So there’s that. Meaning around two-thirds will need a complete re-write. And at least a third of that will need to be dumped completely.

Am hoping to have at that tomorrow –at least identifying exactly what can stay as is, what can stay but with rewrites, and what must be exiled to that great shredder in the sky– and will therefore know better where I stand re word-count etc.

AND hopefully feel better about the wordroad ahead. AND begin again. Well, fingers be crossed. 🙂


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