fun fat friday #3


You guessed it.

I stayed the same.

321 but no GO! šŸ˜‰

And this week I have reduced my after eight delights AND been walking for 20 mins four times.

Like I said – SIGH.


But there are plans in place…

I decided to dig out my old bike, cos I used to love to cycle, and it’s partly how I lost weight the last time. Don’t ask. However, I’ve not touched it in maybe 3 yrs, and it’s 15 yrs old this year. šŸ˜®


… I needed a super soft saddle cos I couldn’t ride it last time i tried. So I went and bought one (Ā£40). Then discovered that cos my bike is 15 yrs old the frame stem leading up to the saddle is different. so I had to go back and buy a clamp (Ā£6). Then I discovered the pedals are busted (forgot that!), so had to go and get some new pedals (Ā£14). Then I couldn’t get one of the spindles off cos it was rusty and all spanners slipped on the nut (somewhat appropriate), so I took the BIKE to Halfords and asked them to remove it. Which they did. AND they also offered to put on my pedals (not a difficult task, but nice I thought). So then I get home and realise I can’t find my pump. So bro lends me his, but says be careful cos the end that attaches to the valve can fall off, so I take care when pumping, but when I remove it from the front tyre two little parts of the pump are air-farted away… and we can only find one. So the pump won’t work to inflate the second tyre. So I now need to wait till Monday when I’m easy-out again to buy a new pump.

But then I’m hoping to cycle for at least an hour 3 times a week, and we shall see what happens. With the size I am, I’m hoping to sweat off a few…

And I guess that’s about it.

Oh, fawmbi… I read the Peter F Hamilton book MISSPENT YOUTH (not NEARLY as good as Great North Road) and Danielle Steel’s THE HOUSE (enjoyed that one a LOT). I’ve now read 24 DS books. šŸ™‚ Currently reading PFH’s PANDORA’S STAR, another 1100 + page book more like GNR, and so far this one is better.


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  1. Hi! Good luck in your weight loss journey! I’ll be following you. I’m in school to become a registered dietitian so you might find my blog useful at


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