fun fat friday #5



Got ahead of myself last week, and been pretty sick this week. But definitely coming out of it today. Famous last words, maybe, given what I think I said last week, but…

FINALLY got out on the bike TODAY. I lowered the seat and elevated the handlebars, re-pumped the tyres, took a deep breath and…

Whereas before I was walking for around 20-25 minutes, somewhat slowly, today I cycled for 40 minutes, which I think is a vast improvement. Yes, I have sore bits, but they aren’t the sore bits I was worried about, as I think the softsaddle has helped there. These are more to do with fat deposits, which will hopefully be worked away and ground down (in a way) over time.

Bonus! ~  I got to see some nature I’ve not visited for a couple of years.

I’ve sort of developed SIX routes/distances. The shortest one I’ve been walking recently (we’ll call that A). The slightly longer one (heck, why not B?) is what I stretched to when in a good mood, as it ends with an uphill stretch before a downhill home. The next longest (yeah, C) is at least twice that distance, with the one after that (D) about half distance again. The fifth (surprise! E) is probably the distance of C & D combined. F is the beast of the bunch, as that tended to see me drift off into fields and over major road bypasses etc, and is a route I’ve never walked, only cycled, as and when I worked my way up to it.

Well, today I FATBIKER’d route D, which was pleasing.

And yes, I just weighed my fatself and…

I’m down to 317.

That’s 3 lbs this week, and four total. Yes, I have been sick, so probably lost some cos of that, but hopefully the twice-weekly FATBIKER rides will help some more.

I have to go to town either Tuesday or Wednesday, and COULD choose to cycle there and back (hopefully, heh!). It’s about a 5.5 mile round trip, so while I’m confident I could get THERE… 😉 Hopefully the sit-down-break while I am there will rejuvenate me into completing the return leg. Fingers be crossed.

But no, I haven’t felt compelled to find my way back into my novel yet, but it is calling… and calling… AND CALLING! And I know I will be soon. Perhaps even this week could see me pick up where I left off. I’m not sure this journey is THE ONE I want to tell, but I think I need to complete it to help me find the path I DO want. Heck, if that’s what I need to tell myself to sit my (shrinking) fatarse down… 😉


    1. hmm. not sure about this week. been struggling with the cough/sore throat still, and didn’t go cycling at all. hopefully next week…


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