fun fat friday #7

Seems like I forgot to post last week?

Coulda been cos I stayed the same.

But then I did that again this week.


That said, after three weeks that included two BIG family birthday naughties and an easter, so I think I’ll take that.

FATBIKER was up n out n about on Tuesday, and again today. On Tuesday I went beyond the route I had been taking, but had to pass some stinky sewage works or some such and a LOT of bugs, so decided I won’t be going that way again. Today I headed in the opposite direction, hoping to complete a route I used to walk a few years back. I remembered a few ups n downs on the route, but man a couple of them UPs shattered n broke me today, and I had to walk up the nastiest. But, given a couple of repeats I think I could have it licked. Plus it was 6 miles long, so that’s kinda pleasing. Plus there was one GORGEOUS downhill section where I swear I could have been arrested for going faster than the tagged 30 mph limit. Wind in my hair wonderful moment.


Gonna try and post something here a little more often. Been impressed/inspired by a few other web-dwellers, and want to play my part a little better. Plus I have two writing-based pieces of news coming up, I think, so that’s something to look forward to. For me, at least.


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