e-books a-comin

Yeah, I said it.

I’ve been thinking about it. For years, it feels like sometimes. But that time is now.

Well, over the next few days, at least. I reckon.

After years of barely subbing any of my stories or novels to agents or publishers –an apathy which, i think, pretty much began around the time I paused in my drinking of alcohol– I have decided to root out my favourites (who still scream at me to show a little respect and give them a chance!) and create a few e-books with them, in the hope that someone somewhere will have an interest.

I have my first Wonky story that I would like to begin with, but I might go with something simpler first. I have a load of shorts I still like, including some 3words stories, and a couple of novels that still stand true (at least the last time I dared open them), so hopefully there will be something of interest to someone.

Of course, I have NO IDEA where or how to begin, but I’m trying to incorporate that into the whole ADVENTURE of the thing. And who doesn’t love a good adventure? Hmm.

Anyhoo, this be just the teaser.

I will be researching tomorrow, and hope to be creating something in whatever time frame will then become appropriate. The first Wonky story has been edited and tweaked till I honestly think it’s as good as it’s gonna get, and I still think I might start with that. We shall see.

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