working on a short story compilation

Sometimes I think the words I post here are pointless… simply because I’ve already said what I REALLY need to say in the subject. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In what I’m hoping will become my second Kindle e-book published, I am currently re-reading/editing (hiding) a bunch of short stories written anytime between now and 1995, I reckon. At the moment the combined word count clocks in at just over 48,000… which could be a tad long? I’m hoping to knock it down to at most 40,000 and then set a $2.99 tag on it. Does that sound fair? I know I’m an unknown, but that’s still under ยฃ1.80 ๐Ÿ™‚

I spent a few hours yesterday trying to format a dozen different text styles from a half dozen different computers over those years, and simply COULD NOT get it all looking the same… with the line spacing being the biggest issue. In the end I simply pasted it all into notepad and manually removed all the line spacing and pasted it back into the document. With this done, it has seemingly allowed me to alter everything as one.

I was hoping to have this compilation up by close of play today, but a LOT more reading/editing is still required. Plus I want to get the feel of the combo right… I don’t just wanna plump ten stories together and be done with it. If I’m gonna do it I at least want it to FEEL right.

So (you know) there’s gonna be an update when I’m ready.

I also have in mind some other shorts, a novel written in what I call my Danielle Steel voice, and another novel from a couple of years back. I still want to re-read them before just publishing them, though, cos them faraway writer’s goggles can be deceptive, and sometimes when I return to something I felt was good the opposite is so much more like the truth.


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