eBook sales are slow… any tips?

I certainly wasn’t expecting to become an overnight sensation 😉

Especially as I’ve spent over 30 yrs writing myself into this position.

Plus, I’ve mostly only contacted people I know, and “know”, and posted links in a few places… Oh, and I’ve reactivated a Facebook account, and Twitter, and registered with Google+ 🙂

But I was hoping for more interest than I’ve currently had.

I do have an interview/feature appearing soon on a popular WP blog, so that will hopefully get me “out there” a little more.

Either way, I intend to keep posting ideas, thoughts and feelings here, as I want to connect with people regardless of whether they buy my books, and I want to encourage others to write and publish (because both can feel FABULOUS!), and will also keep doing that regardless of sales.

But a few sales on top would be nice. 😮 😉

So… if you have any tips or helpful suggestions, please let me know.


  1. I’ve found recently that a lot of people are posting stuff on tumblr. I know a couple of people on there with a 100,000 followers, but I’m only now starting to try to figure that site out. Also having your stuff linked on StumbleUpon and other websites like that seems to be the fastest way to mass exposure if playing the numbers game seems beneficial. cheers.


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