lost words found

Very strange.

Those who follow me on facebook or twitter will already know that I stumbled upon a discovery last night… being some forgotten short stories I found in a folder on my notebook that I’ve not accessed in I don’t know how long. These being 5 short stories totaling around 43000 words, including one 10k story I don’t remember writing.

Well, I just went a-hunting… and found two more folders tucked away deep inside other folders… and they contain:

1 x short story of 14500 words I thought I had lost

1 x short story of 17000 words I remember, but had forgotten all about

1 x film script

1 x (short) stand alone novel, originally part of TMST, being 66000 words

1 x (short) stand alone novel, also originally part of TMST, being 55000 words

This is bonkers.


6 thoughts on “lost words found

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    1. You never know. 🙂

      These pieces are on a notebook I bought back in early 2010, which I bought to use JUST for writing. It hasn’t stayed that way, but I do still tend to write my first drafts there.

      I must be close to having used (and broken) more than a dozen PCs and laptops over the last twenty years, so some things have gone missing and get forgotten.

      I have one story, a horror (which I pretty much don’t write anymore, but I liked that one), where the only file i can find has a word count of 6676, and yet that’s only the first third or so, as I’m pretty sure it ran to around 25k. I still have a couple of places to look for a hard copy, otherwise that’s “gone”.

      It’s funny, cos when I told my mum about the found stories she showed me a copy of another I’d printed for her years ago called “When Bobby Sang The Blues”, and I’d forgotten all about that, too. I might even borrow the hard copy and type it in to store. Same with the horror story if I ever find it.

      Plus, I know I have others which only exist in hard copy, including a novel which must run to 150k which I originally hand-wrote, and only exists in a fading hard copy.

      So many words over so many years. I’m kinda jealous of your one file (with others).

      Thanks for stopping by and talking. 🙂


      1. You’ve been writing a lot longer than I– and I’ve learned the hard way to keep all my writing in one place. 🙂

        I hope we all get to read all that lost writing soon!


  1. thanks. i’m sure there will be another short story collection eBook available soon (possibly two). that said, the current one isn’t exactly moving like hot-cakes. 😉

    and don’t forget to BACK-UP. every day if you can. i regularly put all my fiction on a memory stick. not every day, but close to it. daily is a good habit to get in, though.


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