the WONKY MONKY interview

I would like to welcome Wonky Monky to my blog, and thank him for taking the time to visit us. I know you are a busy little fella, always off adventuring, but your growing legion of fans n followers would love to know a little more about you. We’ll start with something simple.

Who are you?

Wonky Monky. Didn’t you ask me here? Shouldn’t you know?


Why are you called Wonky Monky?

Why are you called what you’re called? It’s what your loved ones choose for you, and this is what my loved ones chose for me. That said, FlowerFace couldn’t hold my gaze when I used to ask him specifics about my past, so I do sometimes wonder if Bob played a part. Or if there’s some other story there. However, regarding the physical side of my name – that stems from one of my legs being a tad shorter than the other, so I’m occasionally a little off balance. The funny thing is I often forget which leg it is until I start walking.


Where are you from?

This is an interesting question, and depending on your emotional, spiritual or physical beliefs, I could answer a number of ways. However, the easiest and probably most accurate answers are… (a) the swirly toilet carpet; (b) Bob’s past; and (c) DB’s imagination.


How do you do what you do?

Talk? Walk? Have fun? Life is for living, I’m finding, and why not make the absolute most of it while we can? I don’t know exactly why or how I’m here, but I feel compelled to be the best and most helpful and loving creature I can be during that time. However, if you mean regarding my animation/sleeping switches, I don’t know. But, if you mean what I was before, back in the long ago, I don’t know that, either. I’m hoping to learn more within my adventures.


Why Bob?

Bob has always been a part of my life. I can’t recall a day before Bob, from before when he used to crawl into the downstairs toilet and talk with me. Nobody had seen or noticed me before then, and I vaguely recall FlowerFace freaking out a little. But, I think, deep down, Bob chose me as much as I chose him. As for more than that, I don’t know, but again hope to learn more during our adventures.


Tell us about bully-Phil?

Poor Phil. Yes, I know he’s a bully, but he’s more than that, too. And he’s been through a huge trauma, and is a little misunderstood/unaided in his mental anguish. PandaPam and I tried to help him, and Pam continues to now. He’s doing much better now, thanks, but of course that’s no indicator to what might happen in the future. Between you and me, I did have a dream the other night about an older Phil causing Bob problems, so who knows.


Tell us about the Birds?

Ahh, the lovely birds. Bob wasn’t paying me enough attention, and I need that or my mind wanders, with my feet following soon after. And yet it was the music that pulled me to them, as without the part Lilly played I probably would never have met Dennis or all the others, thereby missing out on their wonderful friendships. Those were a tough few days, though, but they are more resilient and loving than you might think. And so sweet.


I hear it’s GIRLS next?

Well, yes, I’ve been hearing that, too. If I’m honest with you –and why shouldn’t I be?– I’m more than a little intrigued by Bob’s neighbours, Lilly and her sister Suzy. I know Bob favours Suzy, but I’m definitely pulled to Lilly, not least because she showed a lot of heart during the birds adventure. But yes, I want to learn more about them, and I know Bob has a growing interest in girls. Heck, he is turning thirteen… Of course, you should be aware that this particular story is yet to be transcribed, so could be a ways off being available, though I do keep pushing DB.


Is there anything you would like to add?

Like what? Numbers? I can count, if that’s what you’re asking? Oh, you mean regarding me, my adventures, Bob, Lilly and everyone? Well, I could, I guess, but I think you’ll have more fun learning about us as you live through our adventures. I find it’s much better to live each moment than just be told what happened while you weren’t paying attention. Thank you for inviting me here. I hope it’s been as much fun for you as it has me. And yes, next time I MIGHT let you take my photograph.


Many thanks again to Wonky Monky for joining us. You can find out more about him via his ever-growing series of short stories at my Amazon page:


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