to print or not to print

Feels like I’ve been doing a lot of editing/re-writing of late, and because I tend to prefer to do this via printed copy than on-screen I’ve been wearing out my current printer cartridge… and now it’s starting to fade in some areas, making it almost impossible to read the text.


Looks like I’m going to have to fork out on another one. It will be a refurbed version, though, as for the cost of a brand new one I could probably replace the PRINTER.

With later drafts I sometimes edit on-screen, when there shouldn’t be so many changes, but early drafts are always printed as I’m still a fan of the BIG RED PEN to note errors and required alterations. I guess because I’ve been returning to not-recent stories I felt that paper was the way to go. Could prove costly if I wanted to do that with all the other tales, though, so maybe I should try and perfect the art of on-screen editing… The thing is, it just doesn’t feel right.

Which way do you prefer? On-screen or print-out? And why? Am I old school dinosaur while everyone else is on-screen now? Am I slipping further and further into ludditedness?


4 thoughts on “to print or not to print

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  1. I thought you said, “to a pint or not to pint”, as in drinking a pint of beer.
    My last printer re-fill cost me over 100 Canadian.

    I use to constantly backup my writing. It backs every word as you type.


  2. Big red pen! Okay, okay, I know I am not a for-real writer or anything, but as a for-real type a lot for job stuff goes, I will ALWAYS miss something if I revise from the screen. Always. Print and proof is a necessary evil for me. Long live the BIG RED PEN!


    1. was doing some today on screen and it just doesn’t feel right. think i got there in the end, though. but big up the big red pen, i say. i’m with you. 🙂


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