character “cheat” chart

I found this in one of my boxes yesterday, but can’t remember where it comes from. If it’s yours and you’d like to claim credit, please do. If it’s yours and you’d like me to take it down, just let me know. 🙂

But I think it’s an interesting set of questions/thoughts to ask yourself (and your character) about them. You might not want or need to answer all of them. Or any of them. But figured it might help focus some of us.

Also, if you have other questions/things you would add, please post below and I’ll add them to my post with a namecheck.

Ok, so here they are:










other facial features/appearance details

dress (style/colour)

description of home

dominant character trait

secondary character trait (contrast dominant)

best friend

other friends

enemies & why


what kind of person is character with others

sees self as

is seen by others as

sense of humour


basic nature


educational background

work experience

philosophy of life




choice of entertainments

what trait will make character come alive

why is character likeable

why is character loveable




personal interview with character (respond in their voice)



current home

marital status


favourite pig out food

favourite performer/author/sportsperson

every new year’s i resolve to

nobody knows i am

i wish i could stop

i’m a sucker for

the worst part of my life is

i want to teach my children that

a good time for me is

the worst advice that my father/mother gave me was

i thought i was grown up when

when i feel sorry for myself i

nobody would believe me if they saw me

my friends like me because

my pet peeve is

my major accomplishment is

i can die happy when

i’d really rather

my most humbling experience was


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