fatbiker revived

Went out on the bike for the first time in what must be two weeks, if not a few more days on top.

Throat still isn’t 100%, but I’m not sure it’s gonna be, so needs must. Sun was out but not warm, some clouds but not cold, and no noticeable wind, so all systems go. Just three miles or so, but I’m back in the saddle.


And it reminded me of the novel I was gonna write based around FATBIKER, so nobody better steal that idea, ok, cos it’s mine, mwhahahaha.

Still working on edits for two novels I want to publish, plus another two collections of shorts (one featuring REALLY short shorts, more like drabbles).

Plus I have a character background thingy I found yesterday that I want to type up and post as I think it’s helpful. Maybe later…

But for now, FATBIKER’s gonna go get hisbadself some water and a little lie down…


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