more re 3words

This from the first anthology I compiled:


I think it was sparked by two events. One was a word prompt feature on the HeavyGlow writing site where five words are offered and a story requested using those words; the other was NaNoWriMo where people are encouraged to write 50,000 words of a novel during November.  I was taken by these ideas and wanted to try something similar, albeit smaller, and with mostly simpler prompts.  I liked the idea of a daily commitment, so juggled some numbers till I stumbled upon a combination of 35 words from 3 prompts.  This seemed ideal for February as it created a 1000 word story (March is 50 wpd from 3 prompts, creating a 1500 word story).

The original “rules” had me choosing the tense, point of view and setting, with these set in/based around a beachfront bar.  From March this rule is gone.  Beyond that, the other rules are as simple as can be:

(i)              each day 3 prompt words are provided via the blog site

(ii)             each player writes 35 words a day, including the 3 prompts

(iii)            this process is repeated each day throughout the month

And that’s it.  


As we progressed, we moved on to 100 words per day, for a 3000 word story over the month. There were also a number of shorter/quicker events, both spaced over fewer days (5 or 10 were popular on different websites), and using more words (I did one at 500 wpd culminating in a 15k story).

I’ve toyed with eBook publishing a collection of my 3words stories, so had a quick look through what I still have, and found around 18 decent tales totalling just over 40000 words.

If I was to restart this sweet event I think we could test-run/trial a 100 word x 7 day event from Tuesday or Wednesday, and then perhaps a full 100 word x 30 day event from June 1st?

Would you be interested in participating?

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