I just posted this as a comment on google+ regarding critiques never getting easy to take, but felt like it could make an interesting thought stimulator of a post…? 😉


It depends what is said, how it is said, and if you agree with it. 

And you must always keep in mind the fact that the critiquer is approaching it from their own little world with their own quirks, problems and MO.

I tend to try and take a step back to consider what is said, and ask myself if I agree. If I do, then I’ll probably act on it. If I don’t, and I’m happy with my reason why, then I’ll ignore it. 

Of course, if a few/many people seem to be pointing out the same “problem” then there could be something there you’re not able to see?

I think… the more you come to know and trust the person providing the critique the easier they are to receive, even if they are “harsh” or large, because you learn that this person wouldn’t be saying something intentionally to harm you, but is only looking to help.

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