indie or trad

Began as a comment elsewhere, but spread its wings, I guess… đŸ˜‰


Both the traditional and indie publishing route allows the author to work with talented people regarding marketing, illustrations, editing, proof-reading etc. I would even suggest the indie route has more say/control, meaning the overall end feeling could be more rewarding.

Traditional publishing still produces some not-good books. Some of the huge sellers really aren’t that good, and are sometimes unreadable. Even books that get labelled fab and are added to big name/high profile book clubs etc aren’t always easy to read, or even worth reading, it seems, come the end.

One thing I like about the indie-books is that they are more like how I think the writer wants them to be, even if they aren’t as polished as they might be if produced by the traditional route. I feel I’m closer to hearing what the author wants me to hear, that I’m closer to the original need they felt that compelled them to write it..

Also, most indie books (like traditional) allow you to read a sample before buying, so it should be almost impossible to buy something we think is poorly edited/bad writing/unworthy etc. I’ve certainly chosen to not buy some indie books I’ve sampled, but those I have bought and read/am reading, I have enjoyed as much as a traditional book.

Plus, I recently found typos/word misuses in big name traditional books, so they aren’t perfect, and I’ve certainly started a whole load of traditionally published books that I haven’t been able to finish, and been discouraged about buying some based on that same online reading sample.

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