two firsts

No, not my books at the top of the Kindle charts… 😉

But quite interesting all the same…

First, I am currently reading (well, not RIGHT now, but you know what I mean) my first paperback in WEEKS. That’s right – WEEKS. I don’t think I’ve ever gone so long without picking up a pearl of paperback fiction… 😮

Of course, I have been reading loads on the Kindle. Ahhh, so that explains that. But this one is Stephen King’s DOCTOR SLEEP.

Second, I wrote my first short story in about the same amount of time, if not longer. And it wasn’t even my idea. Well, not really. It was from a google+ prompt, and can be found at Amy Knepper’s post in this community:

Here’s hoping you join in. Or at least read the stories and choose a favourite.

It has even re-inspired me to consider resuscitating 3words for June… 🙂


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