3words june – day 1 of 30

Ok, so here we are and here we go. The first 3words to include in your 100 words for today’s portion of your story are:



For anyone interested, my story begins like this:


Gran shouted, “I’m taking the rubbish bin round so it’s ready for morning.”

In the bathroom, Teeny tensed, thinking it was collected yesterday. “Do you want me to do it?”

“I wouldn’t dream of disturbing you,” she said. Was she laughing? “It’ll just take a minute. My coffee should wait till I’m back.”

Teeny strained over the flush toilet, one hand flat against the wall, the other wrapped around his teenage boytoy. Somehow, both ears were cocked so he would hear his gran’s return.

He’d never tried to rub one out this fast, but thought it could be fun trying.


This can also be found at:




If you think anyone you know might be interested, ask them. If you want to blog or like or tweet etc about this, please do, as I’ve found more really is merrier where 3words is concerned.

Good luck with your story. 🙂


  1. Julia awakened to the aroma of fresh coffee swirling through the air. Her husband was always kind enough to leave her a pot before he left for the day. She would need an ocean full of it if she had any hope of making through the day. Her sleep, what little there was of it, had been fraught with night sweats and so much thrashing around that she found the sheets twisted around her in knots. She had the dream again. But why was it all surfacing now after all these years? Julia couldn’t think about that now, she was running late. She got out of bed, showered and dressed for work. Coffee in hand, she rushed out the door to find that her car tire was flat. “Great! Just great,” she mumbled. “What a fun way to start the morning!”

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      1. Am I limited 100words? Is that part of the challenge? Part of the rules so to speak, the same way we must use your three words? I want to be doing this correctly. And thanks for the feedback!


        1. That is how it usually used to run. But we already have a participant who used more on the first day, and I’m certainly not going to reprimand anyone if they want to go over. It’s more a tool to find a story than anything domineering within it. Back in the ago some wrote fewer and some more. I simply picked 100 as the month creates a healthy 3000 words.

          Either way, here’s hoping you play and enjoy.


            1. hahaha. i can’t believe i didn’t realise it was you… especially when i was talking about you. 😮 thankfully i didn’t say anything disparaging… 😉 not that i would 🙂

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