manuscript requested

Yes, what the title says. 😮 🙂

I participated in

yesterday, and there was a lot to see and learn. So a big thank you to Jo Linsdell for organising the whole thing. 🙂

My favourite part had to be when I pitched my novel SEVEN SNEEZES to one of the attending publishers, and they liked what they saw and asked to see the full manuscript.

I’m certainly not counting chickens, and there aren’t any rotund ladies warbling (unless I put on a dress and find a falsetto, maybe), but it’s nice just to know that someone in the business thought it was good enough to CONSIDER.

Even if it doesn’t get taken on –and let’s face it, the chances of the first publisher I pitch it to accepting is pretty unlikely– it has given me a little bounce to my step this morning. 🙂

It was also funny, cos one of their published writers is from England, and while I didn’t recognise the name I did later google him, being interested, and he ended up being one of the first people/blogs I followed when I rejoined wordpress earlier this year, being countingducks. It’s a small world. 😉


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