3words june – day 6 of 30

Today’s words are: GRUMPYFAITHVACANT.

Starting to feel a little less interested in this and this story as nobody appears to be participating… but here’s my part 6:


Teeny stood and approached the neighbour’s house, knocking then asking the lady who answered if she’d seen his gran, but she hadn’t. Teeny thanked her and moved to the next house, but again the woman there knew nothing. Losing faith, he knocked on the third door. This time a grumpy man answered, but he had also seen nothing.

Teeny loped back round to the rear gardens, hoping to find someone else to ask, perhaps washing their car or gardening, but the car park area was vacant and quiet.

Teeny dropped to his knees and screamed, “HAS ANYONE SEEN MY GRAN?”



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