3words june – day 8 of 30

Today’s words are: WITHDRAW – VIBRATE – FOOLISH.

And my ongoing…


“Hello?” Teeny said, looking round as he stood, but he was alone. He blinked slowly. Was he losing his mind?

His right trouser leg vibrated and he half-leaped away, snorting a laugh and shaking his head at his foolishness. He searched again for whoever spoke while withdrawing his mobile, then checked the number and heaved out a worried sigh.


“Hi, Chris. How are you doing, sweetheart? How’s your gran?”

Normally he’d recoil at the sweetheart, but Teeny shook his head and slumped onto the side of the knocked-over dustbin.

“Chris? Is everything okay?”

“Oh, mum…”

“I’m on my way.”


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