3words june – day 14 of 30

Today’s words are: TOPLESS – BULGE – PURPLE.

I kid you not. See what you’re missing out on by not playing along? 🙂

My ongoing story:


At the wall, Teeny said, “I’ll check.”

He grabbed the top bricks and pulled himself up until he could see the garden. It looked surprisingly like his gran’s, being mostly green grass, a small shed and a raised patio area. And, in another way – there was no gran.

But there was a topless man.

And he was staring at Teeny.

Teeny’s eyes bulged as he smiled and tried to nod, although it wasn’t easy in his position. “Hi,” he said. “Have you seen my gran?”

The topless man simply stared at him. Then said, “Little old lady, right? Purple hair?”


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