fatbiker update

It’s been a while since I did a fatbiker/weight type update, I think? At least, it feels like it…

Just checked, and it’s been a month. 😮

And the first FUNFATFRIDAY was back on March 7th, when I clocked in at 321 lbs. 😮 😉

Well, we are now 3 months on from that, but at least things are SLOWLY moving in the right direction. But then I WANTED slow, because it meant there weren’t drastic changes that I might react badly to and not be able to cope with. So yeah, slow is good for me here.

Last night I stepped back on the scales, not sure what I was expecting as I don’t think I feel or look any different. But was surprised to see that scary black marker fluttering on the 314 lbs marker.

So that’s half a stone lost, albeit in 14 wks. But half a pound a week would still see me lose another STONE by Christmas, and I’ll be happy with that. And then another half-stone by my next birthday, being TWO whole STONES in just over a year. And, given how I was slowly but surely inching up every week, I will definitely take that.

Ok, FATBIKER-dave out. 🙂


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