3words june – day 17 of 30

Today’s 3words are: POCKET – CONFISCATE – DARK.

And my ongoing story:


“I don’t know, sweetheart,” she said weakly. “It’s dark.”

 Teeny checked the phone display. “You’re on my mobile.”

 “I don’t know. I just found it in my pocket,” she said, apparently struggling for breath.

 “That’d be right,” Teeny mumbled, half to himself as he turned to nod at his mum who had appeared in the kitchen. “You confiscated it this morning, remember?” he said playfully, hoping to hear his gran smile. She sounded so weak.

 “Text fiend,” his gran mumbled.

 Teeny laughed as he smiled at his mum, but then had to look away as he felt some tears forming.

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