Oops. Almost forgot this, in all the “excitement”.😉

Today’s 3words are: STEPNASTYCOOT.

My ongoing story:


“That’s right, Gran,” Teeny laughed, wiping his eyes quickly, hoping his mum wouldn’t see.

“I didn’t mean it nasty, Chris,” she mumbled.

“I know, gran. It’s okay.”

“I was just happy you stayed over,” she continued, sniffing.

“Gran, don’t.” Teeny took a few steps away from his mum. “I was enjoying myself, too. And texts should wait till we were finished.”

“I’m a moody old coot.”

“Gran, shhh. You’re not. You were helping me enjoy our breakfast. I appreciated that.” Teeny struggled to swallow. “But that’s not important right now. Do you know where you are? I’ll come get you.”