3words June – day 25 of 25… the climax

Later, there will be exciting news regarding 3words.

But for now…

Today’s words are: MIDDLESCOOPFLIP.

And the last part of my no-longer-ongoing story:


Teeny ran down the hall, scooped up the phone, dialed, waited, dropped it and scampered back to the kitchen and his mum.

She dodged out the way.

“Follow me!” Teeny cried, leaping out into the garden, stopping in the middle of the lawn. “Shh.”

“I didn’t say-”

“Do you hear that?”

Laura cocked her head. “La Cucaracha?”

Teeny laughed and raced to their gate.

On the other side stood an old man, his eyes wide. “Your rubbish bin’s ringing,” he said. “I wasn’t sure whether to answer it.”

Teeny dropped to his knees and flipped open the lid. “Wakey-wakey, gran.”




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