3wordsday, part 1

Yes, I know it’s NOT Thursday.

Well, I do NOW.

Obviously I wasn’t as aware (if at all) earlier as I’ve spent time working on my 3words collection of stories rather than my Wonky Wednesday, as I should have been doing.

But no worries, I’ll simply work on Wonky tomorrow. 🙂

So yeah, have been busy editing the stories for the eBook and paperback due next THURSDAY. Heh. Unfortunately I can’t find all the prompt word lists, which is a shame, but I’m still certain they were all products of 3words.

I’ve also been inundated with lovely memories from a time where a few of us regularly participated in the 3words adventure, so that was nice, even though those links have all but shattered. Good times.

I’ve also some of today getting excited every time my email pinged, in hope that it’s a suggestion for my TITLE MY STORY competition (see earlier post today), but so far there have been only… ZERO suggestions. Heyho. There’s still a few days, so fingies n toes be crossed. Makes tipyng hrad, but…




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