Kissing CaFriday Windows, part 1

Yay. Doing the right book on the right day. 🙂




No, go on, spill it…

Ok, well, I’ve not been OVERLY focused on JUST Kissing Cafe Windows today.


No, bear with me…

I DID start the process rolling to create a paperback version of the book, so that’s good. And I also promoted it in a few places, albeit with my other books, too, as seen in my earlier post where I offer a free pdf copy for reviews (btw, YAY to Katie for taking me up on the offer – if you want to see YOUR NAME here then do likewise; I’m just saying).

I also contacted that friend regarding the altered cover for Wonky, but haven’t heard back. I also spent a little time on ECONOMY EDITS, but I think that’s allowed. Oh, and I started answering questions for another interview that will hopefully appear sometime in the next eight weeks – more info when I have it.

Plus, I need to find time to try and drum up more interest in July’s 3words… 🙂




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