Saturday Swims, part 2

Another big day, as I worked on a few things, and now have FOUR pdf copies of my novels in the hands of helpful potential readers out there… And they are… Tamsin, Elizabeth and Olivia. Thank you, ladies. Plus, hopefully, there might be another reader soon.

Elsewhere, actually connected to Swimming In Clouds, as today should, I have equally big news, as I worked some more on the paperback version of my short story collection, and it should be hitting the Amazon & CreateSpace pages any time now. As and when receive word I shall update your good selves. For now, the cover/back cover image:

BookCoverPreview final 2906



1 Comment

  1. Bit of a change, but I simply couldn’t get the other image to align where it was required, so I’ll go with this for now. Might be able to have another attempt when the Kindle version is available to play around with. But this one is starting to grow on me… 😉


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