editmonkey on your shoulder

Would you appreciate or benefit from having a little EDITMONKEY sitting on your shoulder, helpfully pointing out when you:

  • use the wrong there/their, stationery/stationary, affect/effect
  • should have a full-stop in place of a comma
  • are missing quotation marks
  • are using a passive voice
  • use some words too often
  • use words like very that can be replaced by stronger ones


Well, Economy Edits was created to help the indie writer on a budget. Find us @





5 thoughts on “editmonkey on your shoulder

Add yours

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  2. Dave, I added this blog to my blogroll. Maybe it will generate a little business for you…don’t know. I think you are a terrific writer, and are in a position to help others. I may use you myself in the future. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Kathy. For the add, the kind words and the hope. I love what I’ve read by you, so if I could ever help you at all that would be my pleasure. 🙂


      1. Friends help each other when they can. And I consider you my friend–if only in cyberspace. You know, I’ve met some of the nicest people here.
        Regarding the novel I’m currently sending out to agents–if I fail to have it picked up by the end of the year, I’m thinking about self-publishing on Amazon. I would definitely need an editor go over it before I release it into the world. And it doesn’t hurt that the editor I have in mind has experience with Amazon. 😊


        1. Yes, they do, that’s true. And yes, I consider you my friend, too. And I was just saying about some of the wonderful people I’ve e-met. Really has restored my faith a little here and there.

          As for your novel – I certainly hope you can find a home for it, but if I can ever be of help I would love to do what I can. And yes, experience with Amazon now. And CreateSpace. And all the formatting malarkey that is involved in both. 😉


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