Some tweaks to the marketing plan, with a couple of posts/links shared on the web. Also worked some more on the interview which will focus on SEVEN SNEEZES. I don’t find it as easy as some to talk about myself, though I don’t feel I have secrets. Hmm.

Spent some time on book descriptions, too. Hopefully moving ever closer to what the books (especially TMST) are REALLY about.😮😉

Also, spent some time setting up the TELL ME SOMETHING TRUE paperback, and working on the KISSING CAFE WINDOWS paperback cover, as it wasn’t quite right.

And I tweaked some prices, so who knows. Turns out the TELL ME SOMETHING TRUE novel is a monster in more ways than one… weighing in at 700 pages (I squeezed more words per page – still waiting for the proof to see if it looks ok) it still requires a high minimum retail price.

Does twice the word count truly = twice the cost? We shall see.

Provisional covers from today:

BookCoverPreview front n back paperback 2906


BookCoverPreview front & back paperback 2906