3words July – tomorrow

3words will be returning tomorrow.

This time “we” will be writing for just 20 days, so “we” will generate a 2000 word story.

I’ve had no ideas so far regarding character, setting or plot etc, with which to set us on our way, so if you have an idea let me know.

Oh yeah, the “rules”:

It’s simple –

  1. “We” choose a character name, setting or event so we all begin in the same place
  2. Every day I post 3words here & via Twitter using #3wordswonky69
  3. Every day any participant writes 100 words of a story INCLUDING the 3words
  4. Post your 100 words via the #3wordswonky69 or on your blog or keep private
  5. TWENTY days later (on the 20th) you will have a 2000 word story
  6. Perhaps I’ll anthologise any interested participants’ stories into an eBook?

As we progress, others involved can suggest words for us to use, and no doubt I will incorporate some.

Anyone wanting to play along either post a comment to let me know, or just simply play along via the #3wordswonky69




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