kissing cafe windows now in paperback

That’s right. 🙂

And at a super-low price of just $7.99 or £5.99

Available via Amazon, but best bought through CreateSpace, who pay me a larger royalty. Cheeky, I know, but why not? 🙂

kcw BookCoverPreview july 01


 Three novelettes about love, living, loss, regret, confusion and misunderstanding reality, even sometimes by choice.

In the first, Café Books, two confused young adults are struggling with the reality of their memories. Plus there is a more confused third, all connected in unknown ways to each other and the past, and all seeking something they dare not admit. Because of past problems with a girl, he swore he would never return, but a young man heads home to help his ailing mu with her café. Then the girl walks into their café and all kinds of feelings, memories and secrets are exposed.

In the second, Ten Minute Windows, two busy-but-lonely people chance meet in a café and circle the idea of change and risking further chances, on themselves and others, as seen through short moments stolen each day. A lonely and frustrated mother frequents the same café every week day and sits at her favourite table, for just ten minutes, being the only time she truly has for herself. But one day there’s an obnoxious man at her table, and he keeps coming back.

In the third, Kissing The Mist, a young, café-owning, not fully committed fiancé seeks the help of her much-loved but struggling bibliophile gran. Both are strong women harmed by their chosen men, yet more connected to each other through tenderness and shocking revelations. When the fiancé gifts her grandmother the latest in a long line of old, second hand books, this one comes with a history, unfolding the past and unravelling the young woman’s delicate grasp on the life she finds herself living.

(150 pages / 40000 words)



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