3words July – day 6 of 20

First off, I now hope to have the 3words collection of stories “3words Redux” available after the completion of this month’s story, so that would be the first Thursday after the 20th, which I reckon is the 24th.

Back to now… Today’s 3words are: SHEEP – NOTCH – ROOT.

And my ongoing story:


“Dan the man,” the barman chuckled. “Certainly didn’t expect to see you back so soon.” He lifted his right arm for a high five.

Danny sheepishly raised his own, up-nodding slightly before sneaking a glance over his shoulder toward Sandy, but she was busy rooting around in one of her bags on the seat beside her. He turned back.

“Paulie, dude. I’m here on the down-low, mate, if you could take it down a notch?”

Paulie rolled his eyes then smirked. “By the way.”


“She’s not here.”


Paulie shook his head as he uncapped two Buds. “Your usual?”




  1. Last sentence…is “you’re” correct here? Feel free to delete this comment. I would have contacted you directly, but didn’t see an email address.


    1. You’re spot on. Thanks, Kathy. I think I write these too quickly, so they don’t get checked as they should – so long as I feel the story is moving forward and I’ve hit my hundred words I try not to think about it too much in between sitting down and writing, hoping to keep the creative spark alight. But I should still no better.

      That was intentional. 😉


      1. Lol….I do the same thing. My sister writes a little–in fact, she edits for me–and if she spots a mistake on my blog, she quickly lets me know so I can fix it. Hope you don’t feel my comment was out of line.


        1. Absolutely not out of line in the slightest. I’m delighted you’re comfortable enough with me to feel able to help in this way. Honestly, it is appreciated. 🙂

          With the editing I’m doing at economyedits.wordpress.com I’m finding it is much easier to miss errors in your own writing – kind of like you already know what’s there so don’t read it with as critical an eye. 😉


            1. I’ve suggested to others that they try reading each page backwards, as in begin with the last sentence and read it forward, but then skip back to the previous sentence and read that forward, as it separates each sentence in a striking way and disrupts the flow, so you are much more focused on what you are reading than what you think you are reading. Takes time though.

              Thanks again. 🙂


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