3words July – day 12 of 20

Today’s 3words are: COUPLE – CLAP – REGRET.

And my ongoing story…


Danny pulled a couple of notes from his wallet and wafted them toward Paulie, even though he was focused over Danny’s shoulder.

“I got it,” Paulie said, clapping his hands and then punching Danny’s shoulder.

“Well, don’t give it to me.”

“Don’t be like that.”

“What have you got?” Danny asked, instantly regretting the question. He grabbed the two Buds and turned away.

“Where I know your girlfriend from.”

“My who now?” Danny asked, turning back.

Paulie nodded toward the booth.

“She’s not-”

“Yeah, ok, whatever. But it’s that chick off the news.”

“What chick?”

“That girl about the girl?”




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