3words July – day 19 of 20

The penultimate 3words are: SPIN – FAIR – SQUIRM.

My ongoing story is:


Sandy leaned back in her seat, taking her Bud with her. She watched Danny squirm, a little surprised that he was, and chugged the rest of the beer, then she heaved out a sigh and leaned forward again, placing the bottle on the table, then laying it on its side.

Danny up-nodded. “What you doing?”

“Ever play spin the bottle?”

“Like truth or dare?”

Sandy laughed. “Just that, yeah.” She held his eye and set the bottle spinning. “Whoever it stops on-”

“Assuming it does?”

“Yeah, assuming that.”


“Whoever it is, speaks first.”

Danny watched it spinning. “Sounds fair.”



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