3words July – day 20 of 20

The final 3words for the month are: BROKE – HAPPEN – SLAM.

And the final part of my story is:



Paulie slammed into the table, sending the spinning Bud flying.


Paulie waved Danny off. “This is that girl who helped that bald girl who got scalped.”

Danny said, “That wasn’t how it happened. She was drunk and did it herself.”

Sandy grinned. “And you brought it with you why?”

“To give back to her.”

“She left it at your place?”

“She did.”

“And you were expecting to meet her here?”

“It’s her regular-”

Paulie slammed the table. “The bald girl was Karen? Your girlfriend?”

“She’s your girlfriend?”


“Till she scalped herself?”

“No. We broke up just before.”





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