3words August – day 8 of ?? 25??

Today’s 3words are: TRICK – TRUE – RAISE.

And my ongoing story…



“That’s just not true, though.”

I stared at Annette. She shook her head, saying it wasn’t her, when I already knew.

I snapped around again and yelled, “Who was that?”

“Temper temper.”

I turned to the voice. “Jacqueline.”

“Hi,” she said. She sat cross-legged like the others, but stretched out her arms and slowly raised herself till she was standing, as if were a magic trick, her grin growing wider. “Pleased to meet you.”

“You won’t be if you don’t stop messing me about. Now sit!”

She eased back down and I looked away, wondering why Raven hadn’t yet spoken.





    1. I was working through the girls in order, meaning it was Raven’s turn to speak before Jacqueline, and she didn’t, so the narrator thought that might be for a reason. But thanks for the headsup. 🙂


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