3words August – day 11 of 25

Today’s 3words are: DOUBT – PATH – CACOPHONY.

And my ongoing story…


It took me a moment to realise she had gone, but then I was on my feet and chasing after her. I called for the other girls to stay where they were, but by the cacophony behind me, they were no doubt following fast. So long as I reached Raven first and had a chance to question her.

I chanced a glance over my shoulder, pleased with the distance between me and Jacqueline, who was closest, and refocused on the path ahead, desperate to catch up with Raven.

But she was no longer there.

She must have entered the woods.



    1. Cacophony was one of those words I saw on a website I read yesterday, and thought YES. Scribbled note. Appears later. 🙂

      I reckon Aunty May was a right raver in her day. 🙂


      1. Tell me about it. She is the one with a gun and two not-her own children. I wonder what else she hides in the shadow of her personality. So far she is a nice aunt.

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    1. Pretty random, really. Some days I see something and think “that’s a good one” and note it for later. Sometimes they are just words that spring to mind for whatever reason before I sit down. And, once or twice, when I’ve been rushing, I’ve found I’ve already written my 100 words before deciding on 3words, so have simply plucked three from that day’s 100. That’s a bit of a no-no, really, as they aren’t “prompt” words in the same way. But anyhoo. Doesn’t happen often.

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    1. You’re welcome. 🙂

      Maybe someday one of your 3words stories will be in a 3words collection. I would like to compile one as and when there are (if ever) enough. 🙂


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