3words August – day 12 of 25

Today’s 3words are: RUSH – SCREAM – VANISH

And my ongoing story…


I skidded to a stop, closed my eyes, and sucked in a deep breath.

Where did she go? Where should I go?

I span to face the onrushing girls, all of them hurtling toward me, their arms raised and waving, their mouths wide screaming O’s. I lifted my arms to my chest, as if that could help.

At the last moment they span off in different directions, diving in to the woods on my left and right, seemingly random, although maybe they knew something I didn’t.

Lucy vanished first. Then Hazel, Rose and Annette in quick succession. Only Jacqueline remained.




            1. There were a half dozen or more a few times, going back a few years. I even compiled a pdf book for our stores a couple of months. If that happened now, I could put them on Amazon… 🙂


              1. Due to a possible lack of internet in the future, I might not turn is more post in the future.
                If I will have the internet in the future, I will continue posting, and vise verse.
                Thank you for this exercise. It was a pleasure to write and read yours.
                Best wishes.
                I hope it’s not to much sadness for you.
                I read more stories from your book. They are interesting.


                1. Thank you regarding my stories. They aren’t as well as edited as they could be, because they are mostly left as they were come the final day, but I still think they are interesting, and sometimes fun.

                  I am sad to hear that about your possible lack of internet and contribution, but if that’s where life takes you, I wish you well, and hope to re-word-meet you again someday. Thank you so much for participating this month. Just knowing one person found a little smile because of 3words makes me very happy.

                  Good luck to you, and best wishes. 🙂


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